Who We Are
We are ready to perform the full range of works from the development of the pit and laying of external networks to the final finishing of the constructed buildings. From the project to the commissioning of the object.

We carry out construction works of any complexity using our own fleet of construction machines.

The possibility of prospective investment in construction.

We are constantly implementing innovative solutions in construction. Materials, techniques and methods are being improved. This makes it possible to significantly improve the quality and durability of structures.
Innovative designer
Experienced builder
Strict Employer
Reliable partner
Responsible Performer
Sustainability. The construction industry is responsible for 38% of CO2 emissions worldwide. In all areas of our activities, we avoid and mitigate our environmental impact as much as possible, reducing our carbon footprint and reducing the amount of waste in our construction projects.
Reliability. During its existence, the company has established itself as a responsible partner in relations with employers and subcontractors.
Equality. We create career opportunities for everyone. When hiring and corporate promotion, we exclude prejudice and discrimination.
Quality. We are confident that all our buildings are well designed and implemented, and also have a positive impact on the quality of life and work of those who use them.
Safety. It's no secret that our industry is associated with risks. Regardless of the scale of the project, we pay special attention to training and instructing our employees and always put human life at the forefront, and not the pursuit of commercial benefits in the form of savings or tight deadlines.
Over the 10-year history of the company the following has been built:
Over 70 thousand m² of production facilities
About 50 thousand m² of administrative buildings.
More than 250 thousand m² of residential buildings.